Bonjour to the Hammonds! Brad and Susan, along with their four children, Casey, Carter, Riley, and Ally, moved from Canton, Ohio and made Port-de-Paix their home in August 2011. They have settled into Haitian life seemingly with ease, and enjoy typical Haitian fare such as fresh- roasted peanuts and bananas, and banann peze (fried plantain – a delicious snack!).

Brad leads all Sonlight high school students in their daily study of the Bible, and is a Bible College professor. He teaches and lives out his goal for the students, which is for them to have real relationships with Jesus, not just attain Bible knowledge.

Susan teaches 3rd grade and is able to maintain control of rambunctious 9 year-olds with a calm spirit and good humor. The Hammond kids are busy making friends, studying French, and being godly examples to their peers.