Let the Sun Shine!

Friends, we have some great news! We are thrilled to report that, by the power of God and the commitment of so many people, we have reached our financial goal for our solar project! To date, we have purchased 90% of our supplies for this project: 72 batteries, 48 solar panels, 4 inverters, and literally miles of wire. We currently have  24 panels, 3 inverters, and additional wire in dock in miami, waiting to be delivered by freighter. We are waiting for the borders, which have been closed due to Covid-19, to reopen to international vessels for our supplies to be delivered.

Sunshine permitting, we utilize our solar power 9 hours a day. This lessens our fuel dependency by about 35%. With the additional panels and inverters we await delivery on, we will increase our output and also provide better service to our our neighbors and community who rely on us as a source of electricity.

We are so grateful to so many friends and supporters of Sonlight who have made this possible! We continue to rely on the sun for power, and the Son for real power. Thank you for being a part of this ministry, and for helping us reach so many people with all the power we have.

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Graduation 2020!

And the "Faced Most Obstacles to Graduate Award" goes to...

The Class of 2020!

This has had a whirlwind of a senior year! From rioting against the government  to a pandemic, this group saw it all. Despite difficulty attending school due to political upheaval in the fall and home learning in the spring, these senior have completed enough coursework and testing to be able to say, “We did it!”  Congratulations, class of 2020 Sonlight is proud of this class. God go with you.

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COVID-19 Hits Haiti

Friends and supporters, COVID-19 has reached Haiti and there are confirmed cases. The government has closed all schools, so our building is closed, but our work is FAR from finished and we are pressing on! We are preparing weekly packets for students to pick up and return. We are CAREFUL to maintain distance, allowing a few people in at a time.

Please pray for Haiti. The people here are friendly, social, live closely, visit each other, and spend time together. Social distancing will be/is so difficult here - literally and emotionally. And we miss our students' sweet faces!

Pray for our students, their families, our community, our many Haitian friends working in healthcare, our health, and that our ministry can continue in creative ways.

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Sonlight's Bright News!

Friends of Sonlight, Thank you so much to everyone who contributed to our solar project.

You blew us away with your response! Here’s the update on where we stand now:

We have raised $81,000, and have purchased 7 inverters, 72 batteries, 48 solar panels, 1 charge/controller, thousands of feet of wire and cable, and associated supplies. We are installing batteries and an inverter that arrived this week on the boat that ships our supplies from the states, and we will receive 48 panels and the final inverters on the next boat.  We plan to order the final 60 solar panels and 3 charge/controllers to complete this project by the end of May. We still need $6000 to finish the project – it’s not too late to help!


I Have a Dream...

Sonlight Third Grade style.

I have a dream that Haiti doesn’t have demonstrations. Houlda and Andgie


I have a dream – no littering. Westen


My dream is to don’t throw trash in the street anymore. Lentz


I have a dream is that the gas price came down. Ted


My dream is that Haiti don’t do anything that is bad. Victorine


My dream is I want the people of Port-de-Paix to put (their) head together.  Elizabeth


I have a dream that Haiti will have good roads. Eva


I have a dream is Haiti is like America. Matz (Matz has never visited the US)


I have  dream that everyone would not die. Max Lunens


I have a dream that one day Haiti will have a good president. Chartanie


I have a dream that Haiti have electricity to watch movies. Kaylenn


I have a dream that Haiti is going to be delivered. Jeamarly


I have a dream that Haiti becomes beautiful like America. Andrice (Andrice has never visited the US)


I have a dream that Haiti would change for the better. Samuel


I have a dream that Haiti will get rain. Nebby


I have a dream that Haiti is clean. Ketsia


Christmas at Sonlight!

Thank you to our friends, supporters, churches and families for making Christmas at Sonlight so wonderful this year! Our students were showered with gifts on the last day of school Christmas parties in their classes and we had as much fun watching them open and receive all your gifts as they did getting them! We wish you could have seen it yourself! Merry Christmas!


You Add, We'll Multiply!


Friends of Sonlight, 

We are so thankful for your support and concern for us in this difficult time in Haiti. We asked for funds for additional solar panels and related equipment, and you responded! We are working hard to raise the remaining $30,000 and have Sonlight supporters who have agreed to match the remaining gifts up to $15,000! Please consider a gift to Sonlight for this project. Your $20 becomes $40, your $100 becomes $200. We have lots of sun, and need your help to help share the Son!



Dear Friends,

For the past 15 months, Haiti has been in a dire fuel crisis. Due to corruption and instability in the government, Haiti is unable to pay for fuel already purchased. Other countries from whom Haiti normally buys fuel are now refusing to sell to Haiti, as they are still owed for past fuel delivered and know they will likely not be paid for future sales. This fuel shortage has affected every area of life in Haiti - transportation, communication, healthcare, electricity, availability and preservation of food. The list is long. We at Sonlight have certainly felt the effects, and as a result, we have been forced to turn off our generator for up to 12 hours a day. We have shortened our school days, and when the power is off, we do not have water pumps, lights, fans, or refrigeration for supplies purchased. We do have some solar power but it is limited in meeting our power need when the generator is off.  We believe that the fuel crisis may be here to stay. We also believe it is time for Sonlight to find an alternative solution to generated power, and to decrease our dependency on fossil fuel.

Though we will never be independent of generator power, we can substantially decrease our fuel dependency (up to 40%) by operating during daylight hours with solar power. Our goal is to provide enough power during the daytime to function normally.
We currently have 240 solar panels, 72 batteries, and 2 inverters. This provides us with 25% of the power we currently need to operate water pumps, fans, lights, school equipment and minimal power for our homes.
We have already purchased 48 large batteries to back up our current solar power.  In order to be able to function, we need an additional 120 solar panels ($24,000),7 inverters ($22,000), 72 large batteries ($30,000), 4 charge/controllers ($2500), framing for panels ($2000),wiring, cable, combiner boxes and other items ($6500). The total estimated cost of this project is $87,000, including shipping.

We are asking for your help. We know you have invested time, effort, work, money and your heart into Sonlight, and we want to continue what God has called us here to do - to effectively reach the people here for Christ. We are also aware this is quite an endeavor, something we cannot accomplish on our own. We are asking you not only to give, but to ask others to give as well - to support us not just by giving, but by giving people you know the opportunity for generosity as well. The people of Haiti remind us of the Macedonian Christians: "Now I want you to know, dear brothers and sisters, what God in his kindness has done through the churches in Macedonia. They are being tested by many troubles, and they are very poor. But they are also filled with abundant joy, which has overflowed in rich generosity." (2 Cor. 8) We see daily Haitian Christians living out rich generosity. We are confident that with your support and the power of God, we can make this happen.
You may give to our solar fund at www.sonlightministries.org/give, or by check to: Sonlight Ministries, PO Box 8031, Evansville, IN 47711.

John Niehaus  
Field Director