Happy Retirement!


Roger and Norma Alexander have retired from Sonlight Ministries after 35 years in Haiti.
We are so thankful for their tireless service in Haiti, for their faithful examples,
and pray God's blessings on their retirement!  Here's a Note from Norma:
Dear Family and Friends,
As many of you know, we are retiring from active work in Haiti!  Since my cancer numbers are up again, I will be taking chemo treatments and hopefully will see remission in the near future.  It seems that maintenance chemo will be a constant in the foreseeable future.  We have worked for some thirty years to train and teach people to do 'what we do'.  I have left the kitchen in good hands!   (as well as Preschool)  It is now being taught by 'my students'.  
Roger has worked with men  to teach them 'generators and maintenance', as well as someone to take over the bookkeeping.  It's also wonderful to see our children and their spouses take the ball and move forward.  The graduates of Sonlight play a large part is this 'moving forward'.   Yes, Carmen and John, Cara and Thom, - the ball is in your court!  RUN!
It will be our goal moving forward to raise support for Sonlight.  : )  We have several of our graduates who are 'teaching' at both the Academy and also the Bible College.  The church is staffed entirely by Haitian personnel  and supported by the members.  There are about 450-500 members.  There are Sunday School classes taught in English and also many for children and adults taught in Creole.  The church meets in SonCenter, and Sunday school in both buildings.  
We will need additional support for our 'new' teaching staff' who are not able to raise support.  These are our graduates who are stepping up to the plate.  I am so pleased that I had many of these young people starting in Preschool.  And now some are not only graduates of the Academy, but also of the Bible College!  As well as other colleges and universities.  God has blessed us beyond measure.  
We are praying you will be able to support some of these teachers, either by increasing your current giving or giving for the first time.  You may give online SonlightMinistries.org or you can send support directly to Sonlight Ministries at P.O.Box 8031 Evansville Indiana 47716.  - 
We do thank you for being faithful supporters to Sonlight all these many years.  
I heard an incredible 'line' in a sermon early in the summer.  Rick Kyle said, 'God will do what you can't do, BUT, he can't do what you won't do', and YES, evangelizing all of Haiti is still within reach.  Our students CAN do it, with your help!
blessings, Norma
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Christmas in July!

Getting supplies and gifts to Haiti is BIG job! To simplify the process, we have updated our gift-giving policy. Read on for more information!

All gifts mailed to students will be given at their class Christmas party.

If you would like to send a gift to your sponsor child, it will be given during their class Christmas party. We are not able to deliver gifts at other times throughout the year. A list of teacher-recommended gift ideas is included below.

Save the Date!

To ensure that your sponsor student's gift arrives in time for the Christmas party, the gift deadline will be the end of July each summer. We will keep you posted as the date gets closer.

Mail gifts to:
Sonlight Ministries
Student’s Name
3280-55A Tamiami Trail #190
Port Charlotte, FL 33952
Thank you for your monthly financial support!

Teacher-Recommended Gift Ideas



Baby doll/truck


Picture/coloring books

Small toys

ABC/picture cards


1st-2nd grade


25 piece puzzles



Stuffed animals

games/jump ropes




Soccer ball/Basketball




100 piece puzzles

Coloring book or notepad

Lego set or knex type toy

Math workbook or similar

Math flash cards




Chapter books

Age - appropriate workbooks

Soccer Ball/Basketball

Nail polish/lip gloss

Art supplies

“How to draw” books


Flat bill hats

 Middle and High School


Soccer ball/Basketball

Jewelry/Flat bill hats


Mechanical pencils with extra lead

Lip gloss/Nail polish

Flip flops/sandals

Art supplies

Card games





Good Ideas for EVERY grade:




School supplies


Play Clothes

Black school shoes




Packing Tips


Be sure to send gifts by July.

Pack liquids/candy in a ziplock bag.

Size up in clothes so the student can wear it longer.

Send a note or picture of yourself along with your gift.

It’s best not to gift wrap. 

Good Road and Good Courage

In Haiti, when someone is leaving and going far away, when you're not sure when you'll see them next, Haitians say, "Bòn wout, bon kouraj," which means "May you have a good road and good courage." We are seeing some of our staff off this year - some have been with us a short time, some a long time. We are sad to see them go, but know God has good plans for them in the days ahead. As we send them off to new ministries and new adventures, we can't thank them enough for their tireless work in Haiti, and you for your faithful support during their years in Haiti.

Scott, Lindsay, Cameron and Ethan Alexander are relocating to the US after seven years at Sonlight. This was actually Scott and Lindsay's second stint at Sonlight - they were with us before they had kids, and then this time with their two boys! Scott was the director of the Bible College, and Lindsay taught fourth grade before moving over to teach English and Computers in the Bible College. 

Sarah Allen was with us for one year and taught second grade. Sarah is from Sacramento and had visited Sonlight and decided to come teach. She is returning to the US to attend college at UC Davis.

Katie Krabel taught preschool at Sonlight for four years. She shared her love of music by playing for concerts, programs and other events at Sonlight. Katie learned Creole quickly and well, and made many friends in our community with her easy smile and her Creole. 

Ryan and Catherine King and their son Conrad have been in Haiti for three years. They came to us from Lebanon, Indiana, and are returning to their home church to work in youth ministry. Catherine taught fourth grade at Sonlight, and Ryan taught high school literature and history. Conrad did most of his work in the dirt in the schoolyard!

We pray God's richest blessings and peace on these friends of ours as they transition back to life in America. We wish them Bòn wout, bon kouraj.

Please pray with us as we search for new staff and teachers to fill these spots we will have next fall. If you or someone you know is interested in a position at Sonlight, please read here for more information about serving God in Haiti. 

The Skywalk

We've been dreaming about for a while, and are now working on, a skywalk to connect the Academy and SonCenter. It's slowly but surely becoming a reality!