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Missionary Application Forms

Thank you for your interest in Sonlight Ministries. If you would like to apply for a position at Sonlight, start by printing the application forms listed below.



The application has four parts:


Part 1 - Missionary Application
Part 2 - Minister Reference
Part 3 - Christian Leader Reference
Part 4 - Peer Reference



Please complete the missionary application (Part 1) and send it to me at the following address:


Sonlight Ministries PdP
Carmen Niehaus
Unit 2126-SM
3170 Airmans Drive
Ft. Pierce, FL 33946


Give the other three parts to your chosen references. For their convenience, include a stamped envelope marked with the same address. Your references should mail their forms directly to me. I will process the application when I receive all four parts.

Our staff will be praying for you as you seek God's guidance. Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions.

Carmen Niehaus
Director, Sonlight Academy