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Our Missionaries

Sonlight's missionary staff is comprised of gifted, dedicated individuals from diverse backgrounds. Originating from cities throughout the U.S., these individuals arrived at Sonlight through college or careers. Some are married, and some are single. Some have formal ministry experience, and others do not. All love God and desire to serve Him. Although God lead them to Haiti on different paths, they all have the same goal - to see Haitians come to know Jesus Christ. Under the leadership and guidance of Roger and Norma Alexander, they seek to "reach and train Haitian people to reach and train others for the kingdom of God by effectively communicating the gospel through lifestyle and words."

God creates close and caring relationships
among staff members. These missionaries not only
work together, they are roommates as well.

By living and working in Port-de-Paix, these missionaries are part of the community; they reach out to their neighbors in the same ways many Christians in the United States do. In a country as poor as Haiti, there are always chances to help and comfort the poor, the sick, widows, and children.

Depending on staff size, most of Sonlight's missionaries work at Sonlight Academy. Daily interaction allows missionaries to model Christian love and Biblical living to their students, as well as shaping eager minds through a Christian-inspired academic education. Outside of class, there are many opportunities to share Christ with the Haitian community. Missionaries lead Sunday school classes, children's worship, and Bible studies. They also work to train Haitian Christians to lead in these areas.

God blessed us with these workers,
who joined our team in August 2002.

Due to the school's academic calendar, most of Sonlight's work is accomplished between August and June. This allows many of the missionaries to return to the United States for a break in the summer months.

Please keep our staff in your prayers. We appreciate all of your support and encouragement.

Sonlight is always looking for individuals who want to serve on the mission field. Are you interested in working at Sonlight? Please click here to investigate field service opportunities.