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Sonlight Academy Sponsorship Program

There is an exciting opportunity available at Sonlight Academy to be involved with our students! You are invited to sponsor a Sonlight student, to provide life-changing opportunities and affect eternity for a Haitian child.

Sonlight sponsorship is designed to help our students physically and spiritually. The sponsorship support covers educational costs and some medical care. For $45 a month (12 months per year), you will be helping Haitian children receive an excellent Christ-based education and helping to meet many of their physical needs as well. At Sonlight, students are given a snack daily, and doctors and dentists visit each year to examine students. As the sponsor of a Sonlight student, you can write to your student, send them gifts on Christmas and on his or her birthday, and visit them here in Port-de-Paix. You will receive letters from your child, a photo of him or her, a copy of your child�s grade card at the end of the school year, and the assurance that you are touching a young life across the world. Below are some commonly-asked questions about the specifics of the sponsorship program for you to read.

How does Sonlight's sponsorship program affect the life of a needy child?
Sponsorship allows a needy child to attend school and stay in school for as long as he or she is able. Without help, many of the poor are forced to drop out of school prematurely.

Every child receives Christian training on a daily basis, and has the opportunity through Sunday School and Church to receive further instruction. Each child has the opportunity to learn about Jesus and to grow and develop in their faith. By providing a host of learning opportunities, while also easing a child's current poverty level, lasting change can occur in a needy child's life.

What does my support cover?
Your support is used to care for your sponsored child in the areas of education, healthcare and special needs.

How much does sponsorship cost?
You can touch the life of a Haitian child for only $45 a month.

How much of my monthly support goes to help my child?

How long should sponsorship last?
Children typically enter Sonlight Academy at age 4 or 5. They continue for as long as they are able. Some sponsors support a child the entire time, perhaps ten years or more. Others support a child for one or two years. Either approach is valuable and helpful.

Where do I send my support check?

Sonlight Ministries
PO Box 8031
Evansville, IN 47716-8031

Write your child's name on the memo portion of your check.


What happens if a child doesn't have a sponsor or if a sponsor misses a monthly support payment?
Sonlight combines the support money received from all our sponsors and uses this money evenly among all the children. This way, all students benefit and can be helped.

What happens to the child when a sponsor discontinues?
If you must discontinue sponsoring a child, we ask sponsors to please contact Carmen Niehaus so your child can be reassigned a new sponsor as soon as possible.

Carmen Niehaus
PO Box 8031
Evansville, IN 47716


Can I choose the sex or age of the child I sponsor?
Yes. Many people ask to sponsor a boy or girl of the same age as their own child or grandchild. Simply tell us your preference, and we will do our best to match it with a child from our list of students who currently need a sponsor.


How often should I write my sponsored child?
You may write as often as you wish. The kids love to get letters from their sponsors. Sponsored children write to their sponsors several times a year.


Letters Only:

Sonlight Ministries PdP
(Name of student)
Unit 2126-SM
3170 Airmans Drive
Fort Pierce, FL 34946


Can I send a Christmas or birthday gifts to my child? Yes. Address the inside contents to your child by his or her first and last names. You may want to allow 8 weeks for delivery. 

Packages: Sonlight Academy - (Name of Student) 
C/O David Jett 
2391 SE Stonecrop Street 
Port St. Lucie, FL 34984


May I visit my sponsored child?
Yes, and we encourage sponsors to consider this potentially life-changing experience. It is possible to join groups organized through Sonlight to visit your child.

How can I begin the process of sponsoring a Sonlight student?
To begin sponsorship, please contact Carmen Niehaus at carmen@sonlightministries.org.