Meet our Intern, Jenna Heller!

Mar 9, 2016

This last December I graduated early from my high school in Noblesville, Indiana. I knew that I wanted to do something worthy of my time between finishing high school and starting college in the fall, so I began to seek out many different options. My family has several different connections with people here at Sonlight, and I reached out about the possibility of doing an internship. In the beginning of January I began this exciting adventure in Haiti, and at the end of March I will be returning home.


Here at Sonlight, I work in the kindergarten classroom with Mme. Thom, and I also help Miss Megan in seventh grade. I love being able to work with two completely different stages of life. The work I do ranges from making copies, to getting work ready for the students, to grading, and tutoring. I enjoy playing with the little ones at recess and being silly with them, but I also love helping them in the classroom setting. Students here at Sonlight take their work seriously, and it’s encouraging to see them grow as individual students.


This experience has been more than just a fun “vacation” for me (even though, being away from the 30 degree weather and snow and enjoying the sunshine has been a great tradeoff.) The time I’ve spent here has been nothing less than humbling, eye-opening, and just simply amazing. My relationship with God has grown immensely, and I have truly experienced His love like no other. God has revealed new things to me about myself, and I have full confidence that the opportunity I’ve had to spend the last couple of months in Haiti were orchestrated for specific reasons. Being here, I have come to treasure the small things. The juxtaposition that came from being picked up from such a materialistic culture and dropped into a community that survives on a day-by-day basis has been very motivating for me. There truly is something very humbling in waking up to a rooster crowing, drinking water from a small plastic bag, and even feeling like it’s Christmas morning when the boat arrives with food we’ve ordered from the States.


God didn't create us to lust for things we don’t have, but instead He longs for us to enjoy what we have been given. There is truly a change of heart when you begin to take in the little things of life and appreciate the simple things of God’s creation. I am now awakened to the existence of the small things, but, they are oh so big! And enjoying these things with a community that has the same goal of bringing glory to God is refreshing. Up until now, I don't believe I’ve ever been surrounded by a group of people like that. I always wanted to choose friends who loved the Lord like I did, but being here, I have realized the real possibility and reward of being around Godly people.


As my time in Haiti comes to a close in the next few weeks, I know that I am going home changed. I am going home a different and better Jenna Heller. This will be an experience that will forever be a part of me, and I am so grateful that the story of my life includes Sonlight.