Rain, Rain, Go Away - Cindy Shoaff

Nov 14, 2016


So, it’s been raining lately.  A lot.  I’m not sure if I can explain the significance of that statement.  Rain affects things.  When it rains, especially day after day and night after night, everything gets wet and stays wet.  (Profound, I know.....but stick with me for a second.)  That means, the roads get wet and muddy, and then super muddy, and then slippery and dangerous and eventually impassable.  Houses get wet.  And then full of water.  Which means furniture is wet.  Clothes are wet.  All your sheets and towels and blankets are wet.  And unless the sun comes out and stays out for a while, you can’t get any of that stuff dry.  A rainy day here does not mean snuggling up on the couch with a hot cup of whatever and watching the rain fall outside your window.  It means bucketing the water out of your living space.  It means patching holes in your ceiling so you can find a semi-dry place to sit or lay down that night.  It means not being able to get to where you need to be.  It means tons of mosquitos.  It means no work, which means no money today.   And sometimes, it means losing everything, because if the ground gets too soggy, and the mud begins to slide, your house may fall.  And someone in your house might die.  From rain. 


            In First Grade, we always try to capitalize on our current situations as learning opportunities. (Teachers are famous for that!)  So, our “lessons” in relationship to the weather have tracked sort of like this: 



 The hurricane was coming. We read about Jesus calming the storm and walking on the water, and we learned that we do not have to be afraid of rains and wind and storms.  Jesus promises to be with us and we believe what Jesus says.

The hurricane passed by us without battering our city or stealing our homes and lives. We thanked God for being a good Father who takes good care of His children and we prayed for Him to love and help all people who are in trouble.  God is a rescuer and we trust Him.

We had a few rainy days. Rain is a gift from God.  It makes flowers grow.  And trees.  And we get all kinds of good stuff from those trees, like bananas, mangos, and coconuts.  So we are happy when it rains.  God loves the beautiful world He made and He helps things grow. We love it too.

It kept raining. We can find cool things about the rain, even though it sometimes makes a mess of things.  Rain makes funny sounds when it splashes on the metal roof.  Rain makes puddles which are fun to step in, IF you have on boots. (Not school shoes. Mom does NOT want us in the puddles in our school shoes!) Rain sometimes makes rainbows and they are amazing. Plus, when it rains, we stay inside and get  play-do for recess! So, we still like rain, even if it’s messy, because good things     come from rain.




 The rain keeps coming. It isn’t cool.  I’ve run out of fun ways to spin this.  I’m not glad it’s raining.  No one is glad that it’s raining.....again.  We really   want it to stop raining.  We need the sun.  Let’s pray for the sun to come out. 

 And then it hits me.  Sunlight.  SONlight.  What we really need, what we really want, is the sun.  And what we REALLY need, what we REALLY want, is the Son. 

 The sun is our answer, our help, our “savior” from all the rain and mud and wetness that has been causing all this trouble. The Son is our answer, our help, our Savior from all the mess we’re tangled up in. 


There it is.  The simple truth.  Something I know and believe and think I understand – and yet, as God walks me through it First Grade style over the course of a couple very rainy weeks, I am left marveling.  


I must say, I really love it when He uses the stuff around me and the happenings of my life to tell me something great about Himself.  Now when I see my neighbors’ laundry waving in the breeze, when I feel the warm sun on my back walking home from school, when I put away all the little pots and buckets that catch the drips in the leaky places around the house,  I am not just thinking about the rain.  I am thinking about the Son.  He has gently, and cleverly, brought me right back to where I need to be. 

Looking to the Son.