The Best Part of Me - Susan Hammond

Dec 7, 2016

Building a positive classroom environment is such an important part of teaching.  With a group of 23 third graders positivity is not always easy. We have to work for it. For example, when someone kicks the soccer ball and accidentally rips their pants are we going to point and laugh so that the whole class knows about it, or are we going to quietly help them out and extend a little grace? This conversation just happened a few days ago.


We are always trying to build each other up with our actions and our words, and we remind each other that we are special, made in the image of God. 


Earlier this year we read a book called The Best Part of Me by Wendy Ewald. This book is a collection of pictures in which children describe the best parts of themselves.  After reading this book, we brainstormed about the best parts of us. It was a really fun project that let us focus on ourselves in a positive way.  We talked about using our mouths to speak words of encouragement and using our hands to help others.  And of course, using our strong legs to play kickball!  Below you’ll find a few of the third graders’ thoughts in their own words.