Dear God, Thank you... - by Cindy Shoaff

Nov 20, 2017

In First Grade we are learning how to pray.  (We are learning a lot of things, actually.  You should come down and hang out with us sometime for a week.  First Grade is like an amazing land of learning new things, conquering big challenges, discovering amazing truth, and mastering fundamental skills on this journey of education.  If you ask me, First Grade is definitely where it’s at! ) 

So, anyway, we are learning about prayer.  And for these 6 and 7 year olds, the most logical place to begin when they want to start actually talking to Jesus, is to say thank you.  They come up with that on their own.  I don’t have to tell them, “Hey, quit asking for so much stuff.  You need to say your thank you’s first.”  They naturally begin with thank you.  And they can keep going and going and going.  It seems like they will never run out of things to thank God for.  Pretty awesome. 


Recently, we did some art work for the hall.  At the top of the paper, it said to draw a picture of something you thank God for.  The directions said draw one thing.  But no one did.  All the pages were filled up with lots and lots of things.  They drew hands and feet and ears and eyes and noses.  They drew friends and moms and dads and sisters and brothers.  They drew houses and schools.  They drew ALL KINDS of food.  They drew Bibles.  They drew Jesus. 

I was totally fine with the drawing stretching on beyond Bible time and into handwriting.  (and that’s saying something because I can be a little fanatical about my schedule!)  Watching them excitedly thinking of one thing after another to include in their picture was inspiring.  So I thought I’d spread the love!  I asked my kids (Abi the senior, Andrew the junior, and Grace the finally-upstairs-after-all-these-years 7th grader) to do the same thing with some of their friends. 


I know we see all kinds of reminders about thankfulness in November.  It’s the time of year when it’s totally cool and trendy to be to ultra grateful.  But c’mon guys.  We can surely come up with more than 30 things for the 30 days of November on our “Reasons to be Thankful” list.  Let’s take our cue from my Firsties and just keep going and going and going.  You can even “steal” something from one of these cuties to get you started.


Happy Thanksgiving from our Sonlight family to yours.