There's No Way This Will End Badly - Brad Hammond

Jan 14, 2018


It has been a difficult start to 2018 in our little corner of the world.  Tremendous amounts of rain have caused destruction, even death.  One of our high school students told me this morning that his friend died last weekend when a wall collapsed on his friend’s house due to the rain.  Mr. Jean Ricot Louissaint, the Director of Sonlight Bible College, told me that in his forty-five years of living in Port-de-Paix, he has never seen that much rain in such a short period of time. We had to cancel classes because our professors and students had to remove water from their homes.


Last weekend, I ran into one of our Bible College graduates who told me that his father had just passed away unexpectedly.  You could see in his eyes he was still shaken.  Our friends and fellow missionaries, the Shoaffs, suffered a great loss last week at the passing of Cindy’s father.  It’s been a tough start to 2018.


Here’s the thing though, I know how all these people will respond.  They will respond the way they always respond, with resilience.  Sometimes it seems like resilience is a non-negotiable in the land of Haiti. It’s just part of the DNA of this place. When you live here for a while, you see resilience all around you and you can’t help but be affected by it.


The Christians here often sing the song, “Tout Bagay Deja Byen”.  It means that everything is already well. You can tell, it is one of the favorite songs of Christians in Haiti.  Whenever we sing it together, there is always that extra notch of volume in the voices, extra movement in the crowd, extra energy in the room.  That message sinks deep into the soul here.  You could say it’s an anthem.  The song goes on to say that the reason everything is already well is because Jesus sits on the throne.  Jesus is the King.  He is in control.  He will do what he said he would do. He will make all things new one day. And on that day, death, destruction, suffering and evil will no longer have their say in our lives.  It will be a return to humanity’s good beginning in the Garden of Eden.  It’s gonna happen, so take comfort!  If he said he would do it, he will do it!


How has your 2018 started out?  If it has been great, we truly share in your joy!  If it has been a tough start, we truly share in your hurt.  Either way, can I encourage you to remember this… “Tout Bagay Deja Byen!” Look ahead…it’s already welll!  Take comfort, Jesus will keep his promise.  Or, as Jesus himself said, “I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world (John 16:33).”


From all of us at Sonlight Ministries, we pray that you would receive more and more of Jesus’ grace and peace in 2018.  Keep pressing forward.  Trust our King!  Blessings.