What Keeps You Up at Night?- Susan Hammond

Feb 26, 2018

We begin class everyday with prayer.  As soon as I ask my students for prayer requests, hands shoot up across the room.  Last week, one request from a third grader stuck with me.


My student said that she was tired because couldn’t sleep last night.  Her neighbors were singing all night during a voodoo ceremony.  And in her words, “The people who don’t worship God kept me up all night.”  At that point several other students nodded in agreement and started making a thumping sound to mimic the sound of drums that are commonly heard during voodoo ceremonies.


WOW, I thought, this isn’t what typically keeps people up at night!  We have other things on our minds that make it difficult to find peace when we lay our heads down on our pillows.  Fear, insecurity, and worry are my top sleep stealers and peace robbers.  How about you?


One of the tactics of the enemy is to steal.  He wants to steal our peace and wreak havoc in our minds so that we will be exhausted and tired.  Much like my student, he wants us up all night scared.  The enemy knows that when we’re tired and afraid, we’re unproductive and ineffective for the Kingdom of God.


Placing our fears and worries in the hands of the Lord is the answer to our sleepless nights.  It seems easier said than done, but maybe not.  Maybe it’s so simple that even a child can understand it.  When I asked my student what she did during that restless night, she said, “I prayed all night.”  She knew she was not in control and she needed help.  She knew where to turn. 


I’ve learned that a peaceful night’s sleep is truly a blessing from the Lord.  Let me encourage you to pray and trust Jesus with the things that keep you up at night.  He is the Prince of Peace who hears our prayers and strengthens us as we trust in Him.


Here are a few of my favorite verses about peace.


“You will keep in perfect peace, those whose minds are steadfast,

because they trust in you.” -Isaiah 26:3


“In peace I will lie down and sleep, for you alone,

Lord, make me dwell in safety.” -Psalm 4:8


“And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.”  -Philippians 4:7