But God.... by Tara Hibbs

Jul 19, 2018

But God…


Just when life and everything seems absolutely desolate and impossible, but God…


Sonlight had a tough end to the school year.  In terms of reaching students for Christ and building/reaching Haitians for Jesus, Sonlight had a wonderful year.  8 student baptisms (not counting Sonlight Church), God is so good!


Unfortunately, we live in a world of sin awaiting Jesus’ return to FINALLY make everything right.  (Lord, please come soon!)  Until that day comes, we all must be on our guard ready to fight the devil and his schemes to take away God’s glory and lead us into a pattern of sin.  We all must be ready to forgive our brothers and sisters, just like Jesus forgave and forgives us.  Every. Day.


After a tough end to a school year, Sonlight is looking bleak, desolate, and in need of teachers! 


But God…


God always steps in when everything seems impossible.  His power is made perfect in our weakness.  (Praise God!)


Abraham had an affair to create an heir when his wife was barren, but God still made him a father to those that outnumber the stars!  (You and me.)


Moses murdered a man and stuttered when he spoke, but God used him to lead Israel out of slavery and in the desert for forty years and to speak His words to the people of Israel.


Rahab was a prostitute that lied and helped the Israelite spies, but God put her in the lineage of Jesus.


David had an affair and had the woman’s husband murdered when David found out she was pregnant, but God made him the King of Israel, a man after His own heart.


Daniel was thrown into the den of hungry lions, but God preserved him.


Saul killed Christians, but God met him, changed his name to Paul, and led him to be a missionary and writer of majority of the New Testament.


Account after account of dire circumstances, but God showed up in miraculous ways that could only be Him, nothing of this world.


Sonlight is in that situation.  Sonlight has only four returning teachers and two new teachers to reach the over 300 students of Sonlight Academy, a prestigious school that provides an excellent education, but first foremost reaches and trains students in Christ.


But God…


While that seems inconceivable to teach many students well with so few teachers, God does not see it as inconceivable.  God’s got this.  He always has, and He always will.


While my anxiety is on high for Carmen trying to think through the days, I also have this inexplicable peace about this year knowing that God will show up BIG, and at the end of the year, we will all stand amazed and praise His name for what He did!


What is sweet is the graduates are stepping up.  They are telling Mme. John: I can teach; I can give; Mme. John, what do you need?


That is what Sonlight is for and about.  Reaching Haitians for Jesus, and Haitians reaching Haitians for Jesus. 


In America it is so easy for us to take care of problems.  Sickness: go to the doctor, take medicine.  This summer has been so hot: turn up the A/C, go to the pool.  Someone quit at the last minute: post the job online, someone will apply to fill-in.


In Haiti, there are much more pressing problems, that we would not know how to solve.  I’m out of money after paying my rent.  It’s the beginning of the month, how will I feed my family until the beginning of next month?


Pa gen anyen ki enposib pou Bondye.  Nothing is impossible for God.


You can frequently hear Haitains say this.  Next time you visit Sonlight, listen closely to Pastor Frank’s sermon – he belives this statement, so he preaches it often!


Their faith astounds me and teaches me.  I need and want that faith.


I am practicing this faith for the upcoming year for Sonlight.


Will you pray for God to do the impossible for the 2018-2019 school year?  Pray for Carmen and John as they lead Sonlight for God.  Pray for the returning and new teachers (Thom, Cara, Scott, Alicia, Brooke, and Logan).  Pray for the graduates who will joyfully teach.  Pray for more teachers to come.


But God…You got this!