THAT was easy. - by Riley Angel and SarahBeth Orr

Sep 3, 2018

Being a teacher is easy, right? Cutting paper is easy, right? Using a stapler is easy, right? Wrong! There’s more to being a teacher than meets the eye.

Decorating, for example. First, you have to find someone on staff who has an idea for your door. (Cough, Cara, cough). She’s our walking Pinterest. You want a mustache door? She has mustaches. You want a bug door? She knows where to find them (ahem, SarahBeth). You want an apple door? She has apples. After you pick out the idea, you have to staple the paper on. Forget Planet Fitness, come use our staplers! Not only are you putting the paper on in the wind, but the border goes on all the way around the door as well. Don’t forget about the letters. Make sure you put the letters in the right order because spelling is important. Once you’re done, you take pictures in front of it, laugh off stapler frustration, and then remember you had a hot glue gun.