A Baby Story - by Amber Pierre

Dec 20, 2018

I remember as a child always loving to hear my mom tell about when I was born - when she went to the hospital, what my older siblings were doing, who came to see me in the hospital... Mom always told me how special my birth was because it was the day before Mother's Day, and I still remember how she used to tell the story.  It's funny - my children love to hear their stories too, but it's different being on the mother-side of those stories. We mothers remember all the crazy details - some are funny, some are painful, some are enormously sad, but we moms never forget them. We "treasure them in our hearts."

I've noticed since I've been a mother that, a lot of times, whenever a group of moms get together, the birth/gotcha stories start coming out - whether it's adoption, natural birth, fostering, how we got our babies are these sacred stories to us. And I've been thinking about Mary recently - Jesus' mother, and thinking about her in those conversations. Because if I know one thing about women, I know that even 2,000 years ago, women sat around comparing notes on deliveries, length of labor, baby's weight, and all those other things we remember. I'm thinking how absolutely nuts Mary's story would have sounded, "And then this angel came... and so we left for Bethlehem, and ended up in this stable...I had to put Jesus in a manger - what else was I going to do?...and then this unbelievable STAR!...and these shepherds somehow knew where to find us...and these kings came - they said they followed that crazy star..."

The thing is, we know from the moment they come to us, the events and circumstances surrounding getting our little ones are just the beginning - it's not the end; it's actually just the flyleaf introduction to the book. And just like our own babies, and just like Jesus, we didn't come here for nothing. We weren't born with no purpose, with nothing set before us to do - painful, hard cross-carrying things to do. Jesus said over and over he didn't come to be king of the world; we just didn't believe him. We didn't come here to be kings of the world either. Jesus came here to die, so we could be in his kingdom with him someday. As Tim Keller puts it, "As the cross and glory are linked in his life, so the cross and glory will be linked in ours." We aren't here for the easy, convenient, kingly life. We are here to carry crosses.

Just as the painful, scary process of getting our babies was just the beginning, so our lives here on earth are really just the beginning. Those birth stories are important and precious to us, and so are our lives. But it's okay if they're hard. Because they're not even close to over.